How it works

Please note that due to the current covid-19 pandemic, all life coaching sessions are currently taking place via video chat, ie Skype. I hope to offer sessions face to face in the future.

The Process

Getting started with your free Initial assessment session:

Contact me to book your free initial assessment session which will last approximately 30 minutes. This will take place via video chat.

During the assessment session, we will have an informal chat to discuss the areas you require help in, where you are at the present time, and run through any questions you may have. This session also gives you and I the opportunity to get a feel as to whether we are suited to work with each other.

Following the assessment session:

I will give you a couple of days space before emailing you with a summary of what we discussed. I will then leave it to you to contact me to book a life coaching session if you wish, but you are under absolutely no obligation. This has to be right for you, so if I do not hear from you, I will not be bombarding you with any further emails.

If you decide to go ahead:

Simply contact me to book in your life coaching session. You will be provided with a coaching plan questionnaire to complete and return to me shortly before your session takes place. This will help to establish a basic framework for your session. An invoice for the life coaching session will also be emailed to you.

Life coaching session:

We will start by discussing the points raised in the questionnaire. This will form the area of focus for the session and the difficulties you are facing. Thus, each session will be individually tailored to suit your needs. We will establish objectives and an action plan to take you forwards.

We will end the session by summarising the steps which have been agreed upon and whether you felt the session worked for you.

Number of sessions required:

There is no set answer to this as the number of sessions required will vary depending on the depth of issues to solve. An approximate number can be discussed during the initial assessment session, but you will have full control over how many sessions you wish to take.

After your final session:

It doesn’t need to end once you have completed your final session. I will remain available for you to contact if you need any further help. I will offer the option of a follow up in six months time to check you are happy with your progress.