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The cost of a bucket list item versus the cost of life coaching

So let’s consider this….

Many of us have a bucket list, right? Let’s look at the cost of a typical item that could be on your bucket list. Let’s say ‘go skydiving’. Now I’ve just done a quick google search and it says it could cost £199 to £318 (in the UK). Is it worth the money? Although it’s likely to be a one off experience, it will certainly have lasting memories. But how much would it improve your life going forwards? Probably not a great deal…. not unless you decide you now want to train and become a skydiving instructor, but that’s not very likely.

Now it could be that something on your bucket list is a life goal which life coaching sessions could help you to achieve. So let’s look at the cost of life coaching – is that a worthwhile investment? Now I’m not about to put words in your mouth, that’s not my style. So answer this question yourself by asking yourself the following…… what might you want to change in your life, how much of a lasting impact would that have for you if you were able to achieve it, and how much would you be willing to pay for that?

The total cost of life coaching would of course depend on the goal you are aiming to achieve and the number of sessions you would require, but whatever the goal is, life coaching should leave you with a clearer mindset and determination to achieve whatever it is you are aiming for, which should have a lasting impression on your life.

So remind yourself again, how much was that skydiving session?